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We are in Grey Power Zone 4 (lower North Island) and hold frequent meetings with others in the region about Grey Power issues.

Grey Power Federation President Jan Pentecost is leading a solution-focused Board: this is very refreshing. Zone 4’s Board members, Pete Matcham (Lower Hutt) and Lew Findlay (Manawatu), are looking at ways to make change and achieve outcomes rather than hindering progress.

As an Association we await a document detailing Grey Power’s strategic direction. We believe that all Associations in Zone 4 are ready to work toward achievable goals.

The Federation’s documentation will be reviewed including its constitution, by-laws, policies, operational manuals, etc. This will take time. The provisions in the updated Incorporated Societies Act will need to be taken into account.

Pete Matcham wants to hear from members about communications generally, including the use of social media. Please email comments to national.vicepresident@greypower.co.nz

Questions about effective communication we’d like your answers to:

  • Who are our key audiences?
  • What is working well now?
  • What needs improving?
  • Is there anything that we are doing that isn’t necessary?
  • What could we be doing that we are not?
  • What is/are the main barriers to reaching our audiences?
  • What is the most critical component for effective communication?
  • What is the most effective channel for communication with each of our audiences that you have identified and why?

When the Federation’s documentation is updated and strategies are finalised the public will have a renewed faith in the value of Grey Power and our membership should grow.

Next Zone 4 meetings to be held in Palmerston North:

  • 27 May 2021 – membership workshop
  • 26 August 2021
  • 25 November 2021

Bruce McLachlan, Vice President
Colleen Singleton, Committee member

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