Anyone is welcome to become a member of Grey Power. If you would like to join please complete the form below.

What do we offer?

Within our congenial and democratic Association, you can help put pressure on Government and other organisations. You will also receive a quarterly magazine from the Federation with information on discount buying, newsletters throughout the year, access to the Grey Power electricity /gas discounted supplier, and have an opportunity to hear key speakers at our regular meetings.

Grey Power Wellington Central issues a Newsletter 5 times throughout the year – it is emailed to members, and posted to those who don’t have email access. Occasional email blasts are sent out to advise members (those with email!) of events or other items of interest coming up.

What do we need?

YOUR SUPPORT. The more members we have, the more weight we have with Government. Many members support by simply belonging. Others are more involved, helping with the telephone tree, producing newsletters and organising meetings. We need members with skills in the fields of welfare, law, journalism, research and resources like computing, photocopying, and other office machines.

The cost?

Annual Membership fees are: Individual $25, Couple $30 , covering the year April  to March.

Please complete the form below, and submit it online. The fees may be  direct credited to our bank account: Kiwibank, 38-9008-0407615-00 (please put your name and phone number in the Reference fields).  If you are outside Wellington and are renewing your subscription, you may belong to another Grey Power branch and need to renew with them directly: please check the map here for local branches.

Yes, I want to join!

Please note: this is for members in central Wellington only! See here if you’re outside central Wellington

Membership / Renewal Application Form

Select your honorific

Select honorific

Subs are for April 2019 to March 2020, and the rate is $25 single, and $30 couple

for example: - Being on the Committee, - Helping with phoning members reminding them of meetings; . - Giving a lift to a member in my area when attending meetings; - Other:

Would you be able to offer any of your particular skills to help with Grey Power? We need members with skills in the fields of Welfare, Law, Journalism, Research, and resources such as computing, MS Office, clerical, sales.



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