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Along with community and industry groups I recently joined a virtual meeting organised by the Greater Wellington Regional Council about transport strategies. We looked at the 40 priorities of the transport group to discuss what were the most important. Due to the Zoom format we did not achieve the full agenda, but the facilitators were happy that the breakout groups covered all the topics and gave sufficient direction.

The overall goal is provision for all forms of transport – walking, cycling, buses, rail, light rail, with a reduction in use of private vehicles. Topics included:

  • The need for an airport bus running to the Hutt Valley
  • Bus services included discussion about cancelled buses and the need for more buses as many are crowded. Unfortunately, people appear to have given up on agitating for the return of lost bus routes, e.g. the Karori to the hospital route.
  • The need for a national transport card with gold card and other discounts embedded.
  • Accessibility to public transport is for all transport users, not just for disabled or older people
  • Footpath topics included hindrances such as shop signs (particularly near bus stops), e-scooters, bike speeds and footpath maintainance.
  • Railway stations: the need for upgrading with toilets and waiting rooms open during hours of service. Escalators or similar needed as an alternative to steps or a steep path.
  • Better connections: from Wellington railway station across the city and to suburbs, improved services needed to Palmerston North and Wairarapa and rolling stock kept fit for purpose.

Individual or group submissions on the documents are requested as soon as possible.

Access the Summary of the draft Regional Public Transport Plan at: https://haveyoursay.gw.govt.nz/65300/widgets/324070/documents/193795

Access the Summary of the draft Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2021 at: https://haveyoursay.gw.govt.nz/65300/widgets/324070/documents/193793

Colleen Singleton

Wellington Central Grey Power Committee Member

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