That was the year(s) that was . . .

At this year’s Annual General Meeting members requested that a report be prepared by the Committee outlining the activities of Grey Power Wellington Central in the time period leading up to the Covid-19 Crisis.

Public Transport

Following the disastrous introduction of new bus routes and timetables by the Greater Wellington Regional Council Lloyd (President) was invited to join an oversight group managing the clean-up of the timetables and routes.

An achievement was to get the Council to reinstate the Karori to Newtown hospital bus service and a rational approach to the siting of bus stops and shelters.

David Cuthbert undertook an investigation into the use of the gold card funding in respect of the Cable Car.


Earthquake Commission and Earthquake Insurance issues. David and Lloyd worked on these issues to assist in the provision of reasonable insurance for property owners in our area.

Free Parking

Representations were made to the Wellington City Council asking that a free parking model akin to that of Dunedin be adopted. This was not accepted.

Zone Meetings

The early part of the year saw the continuing saga of the code of conduct dispute between the Hutt Valley President and the Federation President. This was not resolved satisfactorily and the zone turned its attention to developing a workable process for future disputes. Also, the need to replace the President became apparent and Wellington has nominated Colleen as a candidate.

Christmas Function

The annual subsidised Christmas function was held for members and as usual we managed to get good support.

Local Body Candidates Meeting

The Association held a well-attended Candidates’ meeting for Regional Council Candidates. This was an interesting meeting giving members the opportunity to hear from the candidates from their area.

Working Groups

In February the Committee established three working groups with leaders being:

  • Transport:    David Cuthbert
  • Health:   Bruce McLachlan
  • Housing:  Colleen Singleton

The Committee also undertook to meet with the sitting MPs in the Wellington Central area (Hon Grant Robertson, Hon James Shaw and Nicola Willis MP) to ensure that they were briefed on Grey Power’s role, the issues we face and assistance we could get.(Because of Covid-19 issues these meetings were suspended and are only taking place now.)

Lloyd Falck, President
Wellington Central Grey Power

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