Nomination for National President Grey Power

I have been nominated by the Wellington Central Grey Power Association for the position of National President Grey Power.

We acknowledge the history, policies, and advocacy – initially superannuation – of our Grey Power forebears/whanau since 1986. These volunteers carved a place as advocates with decision-makers for older persons (aged 50 plus). Their strong voice was heard and listened to, and the name of Grey Power was on people’s lips. 

By monitoring what Government was doing, Grey Power advocated for the welfare, interests and concerns of its members. Those interests cover the complete political spectrum by an organisation with no political affiliation. However, members from around the country have expressed concern that Grey Power appears to have lost its way, forgotten its purpose, aims and objectives and the stated visual personality of the organisation. In the crisis presented by COVID-19 Associations provided many and varied services for grateful members.

Age Concern has become the organisation decision-makers are turning to for advice on matters related to older people. One must ask how Grey Power can regain its position as the organisation decision-makers approach for positive advocacy on all issues for the older person.

Were I to be successful in being elected your National President I would address the issues below that, amongst others, have recently been brought to my attention. However, this list is changeable following conversations and dependent upon COVID-19, digitalisation and other current factors.

  • How does Grey Power stay relevant to its audience in a fast-changing digital society?
  • What are the strategic issues for Grey Power and how do we communicate them?
  • Does our membership represent New Zealand’s diverse ethnic and cultural groups?
  • Are we working collaboratively and effectively with other community groups?
  • Do we need to repurpose Grey Power to interact with a diverse society where thinking evolves into social change?
  • How does Grey Power take the many opportunities presented by a crisis such as COVID-19, which has provided many.
  • How do we prepare to support our members and local communities in future COVID waves?

Colleen Singleton

Update: Colleen’s nomination wasn’t accepted by the Federation on a technicality, which we are disputing.

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