Free to members: $2000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

All members of GREY POWER NZ are covered by a $2000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit. This is provided at NO COST by AIL of New Zealand.

Since this benefit was established in 2010, AIL has (to date) paid out on 45 Grey Power members who have passed away in accidents.

This benefit covers all financial members of the association automatically, as soon as they join. 

AIL provides yellow postage paid reply cards for members who wish to receive their Certificate of Coverage and nominate a next of kin. If members don’t complete and return one of the yellow cards, they are still covered by the benefit. If a beneficiary has not been nominated, a claim would still be paid out, but may have to be paid to the estate rather than directly to a spouse.

Any claims or general queries can be directed to Mario Soljan on email , direct dial number (09) 973 5254 or mobile 027 265 2502. The claims process is relatively simple – usually only a photocopy of the NZ Death Certificate is required to process a claim. The claim cheque can then be forwarded to the branch to deliver to the bereaved family or can be mailed direct to the beneficiary – whichever the branch prefers.

AIL does offer additional family insurance benefits, which are designed to help the members and their families. These are entirely voluntary and there is No Obligation on members whatsoever to purchase any other products.

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