Were you affected by the power cut?

From Grey Power Federation

On the 11TH Aug 2021 Federation President Jan Pentecost issued a press release regarding the significant power outage that affected parts of the North Island and many thousands of homes. We are very concerned about this situation. We intend with urgency to make a submission to Government that the supply of electricity is an essential service. Interruptions to one’s electrical power supply such as this event put the well-being and safety of our members at unacceptable risk.

The situation that occurred on Monday night could be applicable to all of New Zealand. I am asking associations that if they know of members impacted directly by the outage that they send that feedback to the following questions. This will greatly assist us to present a strong submission to the Government of the isolation and anxiety associated with a power outage.

As a result of the power outage of August 9th:

Q1. Did you have an alternative heating source? E.g. gas or log fire

Q2. Were you reliant on a person medical alarm or other medical support based on continuous electricity supply?

Q3. Was your landline phone access affected?

Q4. Did you have alternative means of communication? E.g. Cell phone etc.

Q5. Did the loss of power impact in other areas e.g. security alarm systems?

Q6. When the outage occurred did you have access to a supportive neighbour?

Q7. How safe did you feel during the power outage? E.g. What were your concerns during the outage?

Any other comments regarding your general feeling and wellbeing should be included.

All communications to be received no later than 5pm, August 25th to the National Secretary email to: national.secretary@greypower.co.nz   Hard copies may also be sent to: National Secretary, C/0 Grey Power Federation, PO Box 272 1719, Papakura 2244

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