Wellington City bus network review complete

From Metlink

On 12 December, the GWRC voted on a Metlink Action Plan to deliver on 27 recommendations that came out of the review.

The recommendations are a balance of compromises and trade offs as there is no perfect network solution that meets the individual needs of every bus customer. Accordingly Metlink must plan for the majority of bus users, while trying to make it easier for all.

Metlink will begin delivering on some of the recommendations as early as January 2020. Other recommendations will take longer to implement as they will need more bus drivers and buses, funding or have other considerations.

Signalled for early delivery is removing transfers for short trips, particularly on Eastern and Southern suburb routes. This is where the early delivery actions will start, with some trade-offs. Removing forced transfers on those off peak services will mean a reduction in frequency while Metlink works through the bus driver shortages and other constraints.

The recommendations also covered operational issues if they related to network issues. Other feedback received that cannot be fixed by network changes is included in the feedback data.

Action Plan developed to schedule network developments and improvements

Metlink continues to operate under some very real constraints, and every effort will be made to implement changes is a systematic and considered way – not all at once.

Over time, there will be fewer transfers, improved access to key destinations, and an improved network that grows to meet current and future passenger growth.

Click here to view reports detailing the recommendations and associated actions

What other information is available?

You may be aware some 1,700 people participated in the Bus Network Review, providing feedback on network design ideas, sharing their own ideas and telling us what worked and what didn’t.

We think it is important that you have access to that information so you can see what participants have told us. You may also wish to share this information with others in your community.

Click here to view the in-person and online feedback reports

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