Proposed 1 July changes to NZ Super and Veteran’s Pension delayed

Ministry of Social Development

Proposed 1 July changes to NZ Super and Veteran’s Pension delayed

Last year, the Government proposed changes to New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) and Veteran’s Pension.

This included closing the option to include a non-qualifying partner in payments and changing how some overseas pension deductions are made.

A decision has been made to delay introducing these changes until 9 November 2020This will be dependent on legislation passing.

The only thing changing is when these proposed changes will come into effect. This means:

  • you can still apply to include your non-qualifying partner in the NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension payment. There are no changes to eligibility criteria right now.
  • if you’re already included in your partner’s payment, you’ll continue to receive your payments – you don’t need to do anything.
  • overseas pension deductions will continue to be made in the same way they are now.

There’s more information about the proposed changes on the Work and Income website.

Closer to 9 November 2020, the Ministry of Social Development will write to people affected and let them know what it means for them. There’ll also be updated information on the Work and Income website,

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