President’s Column Nov 2018

The last few months have been busy for Grey Power here in Wellington.

Your committee has been organising meetings and talking with people frustrated by the rearrangements to our city bus services.

Our one public meeting was led by Hon Chris Finlayson (former Attorney General), where he outlined his views on the current kerfuffle around the appointment of a Justice to the US Supreme Court.  Chris laid out the ways in which the American appointment process differed from that here in New Zealand and why we seem to have a better process.

Chris also asked for some feedback on the local problems with the bus routes and the management of the issues by the Wellington Regional Council (WRC).

On this issue I have been invited by the WRC to join their Reference Group, which will monitor their performance and progress on bringing an end to the chaos currently reigning since the roll-out of the new routes and new providers etc.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the meeting at which Dame Annette King was due to speak, owing to her being way-laid in Australia on Government business.

Our final event for the year is our Member’s Xmas Luncheon which be held on Thursday 22nd November starting at 12.30pm.  As in past years this will be held at The Grand, 69 Courtenay Place.

Finally on behalf of the Committee of the Association I would like to wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

See you all in 2019.

Lloyd Falck.  
President,   Grey Power Wellington Central

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