Play spaces for big kids: Auckland Council backs play for the elderly

Auckland Council is considering creating play spaces for big kids, on the back of a document highlighting the benefits play holds for pensioners. The Council discussion document, Tākaro – Investing in Play, looks at benefits, demand and challenges to play, ahead of an investment plan for spending on recreational areas. The document said play into adulthood and old age supported the continued development and maintenance of cognitive and behavioural functions gained as a child.

“It is also thought to help reverse cognitive decline in seniors with dementia,” the report read. Despite this, a gap was identified in the provision of play spaces designed to engage seniors. Play was also found to be a “low priority” for both adults and children.

The document specifically looked at the benefits of play for the elderly, and how demand for play spaces built for adults and seniors could benefit an ageing population. Examples used are swings in bus-stops in Montreal, and sand pits spread sporadically along sidewalks in Vauban, Germany.

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