Pensioners create web series finding humour in challenges of old age

Caroline Williams – Stuff

A group of north Auckland pensioners is creating a web series that mines the rich humour of the stage of life where “shame is left behind”.

Whether attending funerals, arguing over card games or competing at the gym, The Dusketeers addressed the challenges of ageing with humour.

“It develops. We get ideas as we go along,” said Carolyn Williamson, who plays Fleur.

The series covered the troubles, love and adventures experienced by the three heroines who live in the same retirement village.

“We are an elderly group and it felt important that we do it within our experience,” said Cynthia Green, who portrays Molly. “That’s our point of difference.”

“We’re trying to show the different characters that live in a retirement village,” said Christine Doorman, who portrays Dot.

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