Over 70s: how was your lockdown?

University of Auckland
My name is Merryn Gott and I am a researcher based at the University of Auckland. I am writing to you about an exciting new research project, funded by the Auckland Medical Research Foundation, that will collect the views and experiences of New Zealanders aged 70+ regarding Covid-19 and lockdown. [Our website: https://haveoursay.org]
Participants can have their letters archived

by Auckland Museum providing an important historical record, as well as a resource for informing future responses to pandemics by the government and media. We initiated this project because we felt there was a lot said about older people in relation to Covid-19, but we heard very little from them. We think gathering their experiences is very important.

We have already received over 170 letters and they are really interesting. One thing that is really coming out is an irritation with how the media spoke about people over 70 in relation to Covid. Also people are sharing interesting insights into how this experience was similar to others in their life and discussing the ways they were contributing to their families/whanau and communities (contrary to the media messaging!).
The more letters we are able to collect, the more weight the project will have in terms of informing government responses to future pandemics and the richer the historical archive will be. We were therefore wondering if there was a possibility for us to let your members know about this opportunity? We are happy to write a piece for a newsletter or email – or whatever you think would work to get the word out. We also have a Facebook page we can share.
The project has received ethical approval from the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee. There’s also more information about what we are doing in this article: https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/news/2020/06/02/merryn-gott-researching-lockdown-for-older-people.html
Everything you need to know about how to take part is on our website: http://www.haveoursay.org
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this invitation.

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