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In July 2018 we made major changes to Wellington city’s bus transport network. As with any project of this size, it’s usual to review outcomes to check how we did against key objectives, what we learned and what still needs to happen. In our last community update, we talked about how the Wellington Eastern suburbs research summary and review team update reports were shared with Councillors at the Sustainable Transport Committee on 18 September. We provided an update on this area of Wellington first as it was most impacted by the 2018 changes.

Click here to see those reports.

Since 18 September, we have completed the engagement phase of the Wellington city consultation on the 2018 bus network changes. As well as the drop-in workshops around Wellington, we ran two online surveys for those who couldn’t come in person.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their stores and ideas. We received 1,697 responses:

  • 315 completed the Eastern suburbs online survey
  • 509 completed the Wellington city online survey, and
  • 873 people saw us in person.

So what happens now with this information?

You may not hear from us for a little while as we analyse the responses and read through all the stories. From this information and other feedback already received, we will develop a set of recommendations which we expect to present to the new Council in December.

Alongside the review work, a plan will be developed for how and when the recommendations can be actioned if the Council approves them. This will need to take into account such things as cost and funding, and driver shortages – which are ongoing.

Plans are also underway to look at what is needed to engage with the rest of the Wellington region in 2020. This will include the Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa.

Thanks again to those who shared ideas

We know many people committed a lot of time and effort to this engagement process. If time allows, we would like to share some of the initial findings, the shared stories (anonymised of course) and some of the improvements already made, in the lead up to the release the Wellington city recommendations report expected in December.

While we are not in a position to tell you about specific recommendations, if you have any questions about the process, please do get in touch at:

If you would like to personally sign up for updates on the review – can you, at:

Until next time,

Mā te wā

Anthony Cross, on behalf of the Metlink Bus Network Review Team

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