Help with shopping, prescriptions etc

We are the Wellington Student Volunteer Army. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been supporting our neighbours-in-need all over Wellington.

We’re emailing to let you know about our organisation and how we can support some of your members. Under alert level 4, we can help by:

  • Picking up and dropping off groceries.
  • Picking up and dropping off non-controlled medication.
  • Checking in with friendly phone calls throughout the lock down.

When we drop off groceries, we follow strict hygiene practice. We even clean all packaged items for the neighbour, and remind our neighbours-in-need to put all fruit and vegetables in the sink with a bit of dishwash liquid right away to clean them.

Here is a website link to our service:
And here is our phone number, available from 9am till 5pm: 021 256 9987

As well as this, we are happy to provide volunteers to support other local community organisations with their support projects throughout the COVID19 crisis.

If there is any way we can support, please let us know!

Kind regards,

WSVA Coordinators, Marlon Drake and Councillor Tamatha Paul (Wellington City Council)

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