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You can join Grey Power Electricity to enjoy low Grey Power prices, transparent billing and be supporting a New Zealand owned company.

Grey Power Electricity is making a commitment to protect your Energy Rate from increases beyond the Price Protection Rate until 31 March 2019.  You can freely terminate with no charge at any time, provided you give them 30 days’ notice.


Grey Power Electricity

BenefitsImage.jpgGrey Power Electricity is a trading name of Pulse Energy Limited. Pulse Energy is a successful New Zealand company, listed on the NZAX and proud winners of the 2012 Deloitte Fast 50 for being New Zealand’s fastest growing company.

The Grey Power Plan has low prices, price protection and additional discount options.  They do not mark up prices to then give you a discount for prompt payment.  The Grey Power Plan simply offers you a low price upfront.  This is an exclusive offer available to Grey Power members.

Do they supply gas?

Grey Power Electricity does supply gas.  If you sign up for both electricity and gas, Grey Power All Energy Discount is applicable at $0.40 per day to Wellington members.  See their website for information on CNG and LPG here.

Who can join?

To be eligible you must be a currently financial member of Grey Power – and quote your membership number to Grey Power Electricity.  If your membership lapses, your rates will revert to Pulse Electricity’s normal rates.

How easy is it to switch?

Switching rules allow Grey Power Electricity to do all the work for you.  Once you agree to switch to Grey Power Electricity by sending in your request to switch (or by calling ), the next thing you will receive is a Grey Power Electricity welcome pack.  It is very easy!

Will I be locked into a contract?

It may sound too good to be true, but one of the great features of the Grey Power Electricity offer, which is unique in New Zealand, is that the electricity price is protected until 31 March 2019.  As a Grey Power Electricity customer you can cancel with no penalty by giving 30 days’ notice.

How can I get this offer?

When you receive your exclusive member letter, you can fill out the sign up form and use the pre-paid post envelope or call  during work hours at any time.

Will I be disconnected or will my electricity be interrupted during the switching process?

Switching rules ensure that you will not be disconnected and the transfer to Grey Power Electricity will be smooth and automatic.  We will be contracting with your local lines company on your behalf to ensure this does not happen.

What is Price Protection?

Prices over the next few years could go up and could go down.  Dry years come along once in a while and when they do, prices can soar upward.  Competition between generators and future Industry reforms will hopefully bring prices down over time.  Price protection means you are protected from the energy component of price rises until 31 March 2019, but you will also receive the benefits if prices go down until that date.

How much will I save?

Grey Power Electricity customers living in different regions will receive a different amount of savings as prices depend to some extent on where you live in New Zealand.  Our initial analysis has shown some of our members would receive a saving as much as $300 per year.  Others will receive less than that.  Our call centre representatives can help you determine your savings by calling . Have a current bill on hand to help you with this.

How does Grey Power Electricity compare to my current retailer?

Grey Power Electricity customers have most often made their choice for price reasons.  However, many customers have switched for reasons other than price.  Grey Power Electricity has a very innovative approach and a transparent bill and was the fastest growing company in New Zealand in 2012.

Do they supply in my area?

Grey Power Electricity can provide customers with electricity in most parts of the country. If you would like to confirm where please call 0800 GREY POWER (0800 476 976).

Does it cost to change retailers?

Switching is free. However, your current retailer may have locked you into a contract with exit penalties so be sure to ask our Customer Service Representative when you call how to deal with this issue. Remember with Grey Power Electricity we do not lock you into a contract with penalties so you will never face the situation again as a customer with us.

Does Grey Power benefit from Grey Power Electricity?

Yes. Grey Power will receive a small amount to cover their costs and to strengthen their balance sheet to improve the services they provide to members.

How long is the offer going to be available for?

This arrangement is a long term commitment and we expect Grey Power Electricity to always be available to Grey Power members.

Are they a Generator?

Grey Power Electricity and Pulse Energy are independent retailers.  This positions them to have access to the lowest priced power available on the forward electricity market.  Generators compete with each other every hour, every week and every month.  Grey Power Electricity and Pulse Energy will continually watch the outcomes of this competition and convert the best prices they can into supply for Grey Power Electricity customers.

Which is the best way to sign up?

Responding to your introduction letter is the fastest way.  Alternatively, we have a Grey Power Electricity support team on standby at 0800 GREY POWER (0800 476 976).  You can also send an email to and request to be signed up.

What is the best time to call and sign up?

Calling in the week during work hours will provide the fastest response.

How long does it take to sign up?

Signing up should only take you a few minutes.

Online Discount

My Account allows you to keep track of your energy bills and make payments online.  Sign up to My Account and by receiving your bill online, you will receive a discount every month.

Do I get a prompt payment discount (PPD)?

Direct Debit is the most convenient and secure way to pay your bill each month.  You will also receive a discount every month by choosing this payment option.


Read more on the Grey Power Electricity Website HERE!

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