Govt’s Families package: the Winter Energy Payment

The second part of the Government’s Families Package, (which aims to improve incomes for low and middle income families with children), took effect from 1 July. The Winter Energy Payment is paid automatically to everyone who’s eligible. No one needs to apply. This year it is being paid from 1 July to 29 September.

NZ Super/Veteran’s Pension couples who have separate bank accounts get the full amount ($31.82 a week) paid into one of their accounts. Unfortunately we can’t split the payment.

Timing of Families Package payments:
The first July payment didn’t include the full increase as 1 July falls part way through a payment period. That’s because we pay for the week (or fortnight for NZ Super/Veteran’s Pension clients) that’s just been.

For people getting NZ Super and Veteran’s Pension:

10 July – people got 10 days of Winter Energy Payment
24 July – people got their full new fortnightly amount.

We know the timing of payments is potentially confusing for people so we’d really appreciate this message to get out. We’ve explained it in our letters to clients, in recorded messages on the phone, in information on our website and on MyMSD.

Ngā mihi

Diane Turner, Director, Office for Seniors

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