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Developing a strategy for an ageing population

From the Ministry of Social Development

Our population is getting older. We need a plan to address this, not just for today’s seniors but for the seniors of tomorrow.

The Positive Ageing Strategy was released in 2001. Since then our population has grown by over a million, and the number of people aged 65+ has increased by almost two thirds.

Today, around 750,000 New Zealanders have had their 65th birthday.

By 2038 this is likely to be over 1.3 million people.

The next generation of older people will live longer, be healthier, more skilled and more educated. They are much more likely to remain in the workforce – and to want to.

Our country will be much more diverse, with an increasing proportion of older people who are Maori, Pacific or Asian.

In our regions, communities will need to anticipate not only a growing older population, but fewer younger people.
That’s why we need a new strategy.

But we need more than a “whole- of- government approach”. We need everyone – government, local government, non-governmental organisations, communities, whanau, family, individuals, and businesses – to work together.

We need a new strategy to assist us to respond effectively to our ageing population; a strategy that will help us to achieve better outcomes for older New Zealanders.

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